Student Referral Program (SGS)

Hi IULI students, you already know about all the life changing opportunities IULI offers. Why not share them with your friends?

Refer your friend to IULI and get a special incentive as a token of appreciation from us!

To begin the process, simply follow the steps below:

How to join the program:

  1. All IULI students will automatically get a special SGS code which will be sent by email once the tuition fee payment has been verified by IULI.
  2. Inform your SGS code to the referred applicant.
  3. Use the SGS code as a reference for the referred applicant when he/she fills in a IULI enrolment form on your personal data page.
  4. The IULI student and his/her referred applicant will get a notification via email once the process is validated by IULI admissions team.

Terms and condition:

  1. The referring IULI student will get a 5 Million IDR incentive for every referred applicant who actually joins IULI as a student.
  2. A IULI student can recommend IULI to more than one applicant.
  3. The incentive is valid if the name of the referred applicant has never previously been registered in the IULI database.
  4. The incentive is valid only if the SGS code of the referee appears on the application form submitted by the referred applicants.
  5. The incentive is valid if a referred applicant(s) is actually join IULI as IULI student.
  6. The incentive can be redeemed after the referred student finishes his/her 1st semester.


  1. IULI Student : Candidate student who has been registered as active student and paid the tuition fee.
  2. Applicants : Candidate student who has applied to IULI.
  3. SGS Code : Special code received by IULI students as an identity in referring IULI to friend(s).
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