IULI Takes Action: Together Against Covid 19

Based on the circular letter of Ministry of Education and Culture No 3 – 2020, regarding Prevention to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), it is necessary for us to take steps and actions in order to sustain our operation and education activities in IULI, while staying alert and cautious about the disease

In order to establish “Social Distancing”, precautions and preventions of Covid-19 have been taken into action in form of online activities such as online learning via virtual classrooms.

On-line facility shall be classified and specified as a system that can manage and deliver lecturing subjects equivalent to physical class rooms. This on-line facility shall hold features such as video conferencing, document sharing, document presentation and white board sharing. For now, and hereafter this on-line facility will be referred to as “virtual Class Room (VCR)”  .

For Staff and Faculty members and students that still come to campus we are providing the necessary sanitary procedures. We will prepare and ensure that all rooms are cleaned thoroughly and we will also ensure the availability of washing apparatus and hand-sanitizers.

To follow all health and safety procedures, we have prepared a circular letter and action plan that will serve as guidelines during this critical time:

You can also download the documents here:

Circular Letter and Action Plan

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