IBA & MGT 2016 in 3 Countries Game: Any Gains on Trade?

IULI’s IBA 3 & MGT 3 continue until the end of the semester with their International Business task looking at imports and exports from RainLand, SnowLand and HiLand. However, there is an additional task to sort out, as Dr. Samuel Prasetya has prescribed to mirror the real-case scenario. Residents/citizens from RainLand are seeking overseas employment & holidays in either RainLand & SnowLand but:

HiLand is the only country with airline services to both SnowLand & RainLand. In the recent years, HiLand has experienced higher efficiency and productivity and planned to sell its trademark design.

SnowLand, though the government has recently decided to have the tight fiscal policy, is now experiencing the  is the only country with a tourism hotspot in the Arctic Circle

RainLand has a bigger population than  HiLand & SnowLand. It is now in the period of tight monetary policy, which is combined with the 30% increase in wages and around 10% of its residents/citizens are seeking overseas employment and holidays.

Students are challenged to set their selling prices on clothes (to represent the textile products), palm oil (to represent the agricultural products) and chair (to represent the furniture products). Students are also challenged to start negotiating their exports and import to achieve the highest possible revenues or the lowest possible costs.

Again, as is often the case, compromise may be the only way forward!! (MiE/SaP)

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