IBA/MGT 2016/2017 & INR 2017: Tackling Issues in Management Theory & Sociology

IULI’s  IBA 2017, MGT 2017, INR 2017, IBA & MGT 2016 in their Management Theory & Sociology course, under the supervision of Dr. Prabowo Susetio & Dr. Samuel Prasetya, have to do presentations on  topics such as Corporate Social Responsibilities, Green/Eco, Labor Law, Motivation, Effective Business Communication, Ethical Issues on Labor Practices & Managerial Skills. Again, this is part of the social sciences commitment to student preparation for the real world. It is not sufficient to read and memorize facts-the students have to articulate and convince.

All the topics are suitable for students who will, one day, enter the world of work better prepared (MiE).

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