Mainly because of the reputation of Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) in the field of cuisine and his multiple roles as observer/examiner in various cooking/culinary competitions, IULI received an honorary invitation from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya to attend the EVENTNESIA 2017. In one sub-event, Dr. Satiri from IULI attended a workshop on Risk Management, and the representatives of IULI students, Del Piero Hutama Putra (MGT 2015), Mochamad Iqbal Surya Hadiguna (HTM 2015), and Thariq Kotoswantry (IBA 2015) attended the talkshow on Culturally Enriched Leisure & Tourism  on Saturday, March 18, 2017.

This exposure to outside events and lectures is an essential part of IULI’s commitment to broadening student knowledge and practical experience as well as giving them the chance to network (SaP/MiE).

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