IULI students participated in “Karya Pemuda–Youth Inclusion 2.0”

3 May 2017 – IULI was honored to receive an invitation to participate in a special event for Indonesian youth. The event, titled “Empowering Indonesian Youth Through Karya Pemuda–Youth Inclusion 2.0 Summit” was a joint initiative of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Berkarya!Indonesia, and the National Council for Technology (WANTIKNAS). It was attended by prominent figures from each institution including IULI’s founder Dr. Ilham Habibie. They see the importance of youth’s place in society to foster Indonesian social and economic progress. The Minister of Communications and Informatics, H.E. Mr. Rudiantara, Chairman of BEKRAF, Mr. Triawan Munaf, and VP of Intel Corp., Ms. Rosalind Hudnell, presided over the Summit.

IULI students participated as part of the Social Media and Articles teams, entrusted with producing articles and handling social media affairs for the event. As this is not the first time IULI students have been asked to be involved in high profile events, this participation shows the increasing recognition of our students in the public eye. (SaK/MiE)

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