IULI Students Visit LAPAN To Witness The Launch Of LAPAN RX 450-5 Sounding Rocket

Indonesia’s National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, LAPAN, through its Rocket Technology Center (Pustekroket) invited three IULI Aviation Engineering students from batch 2017 (Daniel Alpine, Dimas Hisyamadika Daffandrino & Faisal Tri Mulyawan) to see the launch of LAPAN RX 450-5 sounding rocket. The students are currently taking their internship program in LAPAN.

The event took place from 30 November 2020 to 2 December 2020 in LAPAN BUTPAAG facility in Pamengpeuk, Garut. Our students also got a chance to see the integration of the solid motor rocket and the payload as well as getting to know all the facilities at hand in the launch site.

The purpose of the launch was to test and evaluate the performance of RX-450 rocket. RX-450 is a sounding rocket developed by LAPAN to aid experiments or data gathering to be conducted in the layer of atmosphere where the altitude is too low for satellites and is too high for research balloons or airplanes. RX-450 itself is going to be a baseline for a 2-stage rocket capable of achieving altitude of 200 km that is planned to be finished in 2025.

We would like to congratulate Pustekroket LAPAN for the successful launch of the rocket. We greatly appreciate this invitation especially for the supervision given by Mr. Idris E. Putro, Pustekroket group leader of rocket design, and Mrs. Lilis Mariani, director of Pustekroket. We hope that this would be the beginning of co-operation between LAPAN and IULI.


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