IULI’s HTM Lecturers Goes to Madrid to Promote Indonesian Cuisines

In early 2017, two of IULI’s HTM chefs, Mr. Temmy Rachmat, MM (Hos) and Mr. Ronald Silvano, M.Par, had the distinction of being invited by the Indonesian embassy in Madrid, Spain to promote Indonesian cuisine in the home of some of Europe’s finest food-Spain. No doubt even these two accomplished and experienced cooks had some doubts and fears. How would the Spanish feel about Indonesian food, which is somewhat different to Spanish food as is the method of cooking. Nevertheless, Temmy and Ronald went all out for Indonesian food-no compromises! They prepared Nasi Kuning Makassar, Ikan Palumara, Coto Makassaar, Kroket Makassar and Es Palubutung. After many hours of cooking, observed by Spanish cooks, the big test came: the tasting. Temmy and Ronald watched nervously but had no need to worry. The only question asked by the Spanish guests was, ” Can we have seconds?” (MiE)


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