Kegagalan Implementasi REDD+ Ulu Masen Aceh

Abstract: The article explains the failure of REDD+ implementation in Ulu Masen, Aceh from 2007-2012. The aforementioned failure has been characterized by the unsuccessful implementation of REDD+ framework and failure to accomplish the designated targets. REDD+ implementation framework is identified with multi-level governance mechanism which requires the presence of cross-sector partnership from international to national level, international to sub-national level, national to sub-national level and vice versa. It is fundamental for each actors in each level to synergize and coordinate each actions in order to achieve the collective purposes of designated targets. This research is conducted by qualitative method and uses descriptive design. The research discovers that the failure of REDD+ implementation is caused by the absence of cross-sector partnership and the conflict of interests between actors in every level.

Keywords: coordination; multi-level governance; cross-sector partnership; synergy; REDD+

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