Eco-City Strategy In Indonesia

IULI is proud to announce that our students have once more acquired intellectual property rights as authors of an academic paper. The paper is titled “Eco-City Strategy in Indonesia” and was written by the duo INR 2017 students; Filbert TP Parengkuan and Aryo Setyotama, including  Devara Fadhlur Rahman TS (IBA 2017), and Nadhif Muhammad Farhan (AVM 2017). 

“Our idea came into realization when the government revived the popular idea to move Indonesia’s Capital city. With the popular idea of how the new capital city looks like, we reflect on the current condition of Jakarta and thought “how to not repeat the same mistake with Jakarta. Jakarta is a great metropolitan city but it’s environmentally inconvenient to live in, due to high pollution and low greenery, and unbalanced sanitary provisions from the main city to the rural area. This motivated us to create an Eco-city strategy as our city building solution and inspiration for future city building in Indonesia.” Explains Devara. 

This paper took about 4-5 months to write and was submitted in the Environmental Science course, under the close supervision of Ms. Andrea Kurnadi, MSi. For the finalization of the paper, including the submission process of the Intellectual Property Rights, the students were supervised by Dr. Samuel PD Anantadjaya and Dr. (cand) Irma M Nawangwulan, MBA, CPM (Asia), including the helpful hands from the team in PT. Kang Guru Beruang, as one of IULI’s partners.

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