IULI Open House: How to be Successful at the International Level

20 May 2017 – IULI held an Open House in its main campus, Green Office Park 6, BSD City. In the Open House, IULI  delivered a message to prospective students about choosing the right major in the right campus. The quality of a university will automatically influence the student’s skill development and achievement so that, after they graduate, they can compete globally.

The keynote speaker at the Open House was the IULI founder, Dr.-Ing. Ilham A Habibie, MBA. The event was also attended by Ms. Brigitte Gerlach as the representative of DAAD.

The event was enlivened by student club exhibitions, programs of study presentations, a band performance and a dance performance by students, and closed with a teleconference via skype with Prof. Peter Scharff, the rector of TU-Ilmenau, one of the closest partner universities of IULI and Prof. Heinrich Kern, the board of supervisor, TU-Ilmenau coordinator for Indonesia.

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