PT. Regio Aviasi Industri has a guest lecture for IULI Aviation Engineering students

November 9th, 2016 – PT. Regio Aviasi Industri was invited to give a guest lecture for Aviation Engineering students. In this session, Agung Nugroho, president director of RAI, talked about the R80 aircraft. The RAI company, which produces R80 aircraft, is geared up to meet the needs of a growing air transportation system in Indonesia and establishes the company and the R80 as key players in the Indonesian market. The direct benefits are Indonesian involvement in the design and production of the aircraft and the indirect benefits are trained Indonesian staff involvement in maintenance and operations.

The R80 aircraft is designed to have a lower direct cost, a higher payload, a quick turn around time and an efficient engine. These advantages make it very competitive with other aircraft in the same market segment. The aircraft is planned to be manufactured and assembled in the Kertajati international airport complex and the maiden flight is scheduled for mid-2019.

An the end of the guest lecture, many students asked about the progress of the development of the R80 aircraft and also the opportunity to do an internship or get a job in RAI. The president director of RAI was delighted by the enthusiasm of IULI students and spoke about great career opportunities in all areas of the aircraft industry.

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