Business Communication Meets Social Media

Semester 1  IBA, MGT/AVM, HTM & INR in their subject ‘Business Communication’, on Friday, October 13, 2017, which was facilitated by Dr. Samuel Prasetya, following the intensive discussions with Ms. Widya Granita, MM, once again got away from dry book work and produced short clips on campus life at IULI using facebook, instagram, twitter & path and, specifically using the hastags  #internationaluniversityliaisonindonesia, #iulihtm, #iuliiba, #iulimgt, #iuliavm, #iuliinr, #campuslife, including the tags for @iulindonesia, @bussman101, and @iulihtm.

The project group work developed the theme of positive messages and the use of technology. The short clips were designed to show the realities of campus life in a few video minutes. This was challenging for the students but also exciting because it challenged their ability to think creatively and to appreciate the input of their colleagues. The end result was very pleasing but also part of a learning process so that they can be even better the next time (MiE).

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